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Namespace:  ..Shapes..Geometry

It may very well be argued that these bindings should be provided by the core. Besides a wish to keep the core small (to ease maintenance), one reason not to include these in the core is to remind that constructing circular arcs in use code it really easy.
It should be reminded that circular arcs can only be approximated using cubic splines, so there is no way to define a path perfectly following a circle.
r::§Length §Path
Dynamic references:none
Construct circle in 2d space, of radius r, centered at the origin.
The circle is approximated using four spline segments, and for positive radii, it encircles the origin counter-clockwise, starting on the positive x axis.
Use ..Shapes..Geometry3D..immerse and ..Shapes..Geometry3D..rotate to take the circle into 3d space.
z0::§Coords zStart::§Coords zEnd::§Coords r::§Length §Path
Dynamic references:none
Construct circular arc with counter-clockwise direction.
The center point of the circle is z0, and the radius of the arc is r. The arc starts on the ray from z0 to zStart, and ends on the ray from z0 to zEnd.
See also cw_arc.
z0::§Coords zStart::§Coords zEnd::§Coords r::§Length §Path
Dynamic references:none
Like ccw_arc, but creates arcs with clockwise direction.
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