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Summary of extensions
..Shapes..Layout / basic-layout
bboxed_enlarge bboxed_sym bboxed_sym_x bboxed_sym_y center center_wlm center_x center_y centerof enlarge_bleedbox @labelmargin mediate mspoint xmax xmin ymax ymin
..Shapes..Layout / centering-X
..Shapes..Layout / shiftoff
dir_to dirtopoint shiftoff shiftoffwlm to_bot to_center to_dir to_lft to_llft to_lrt to_rt to_top to_ulft to_urt

The ..Shapes..Layout namespace is on the border between ..Shapes..Geometry and ..Shapes..Graphics. It is concerned with operations on both geometrical and graphical objects, but with particular focus on graphical layout.
obj::§Drawable type:'bounding::§Symbol §Path
Dynamic references:none
Returns the bounding box or the bleed box of obj, depending on the parameter type.
The allowed values for type are { 'bounding, 'bleed }.
See also:bboxed
obj::§Drawable path::§Path type:'bounding::§Symbol §Drawable
Dynamic references:none
Creates an object with the same content as obj, but with different boxes (note that, here, box refers to a convex path — not necessarily a rectangle). One or both of the new objects boxes is set to path, depending on the parameter type.
The allowed values for type are { 'bounding, 'bleed, 'both }.
Generally, the bounding box is the convex path used for layout of an object. The bleed box is used by the compiler to determine where to crop the final contents of a page. Making the bleed box slightly bigger than the bounding box can be a good idea for content that may look squeezed (or even get cropped) if appearing by the border of a page.
See also:bbox ..Shapes..Graphics..clip ..Shapes..Graphics..clipodd ..Shapes..Graphics..TeX
Used by:
Default binding:1 bp
The bounding boxes computed by pdfLaTeX are generally too small to completely contain the glyph marks. The reason appears to be that font designers tend to intentionally lie about the bounding box in order to achieve better type setting given existing type setting algorithms.
This causes a problem when such objects are at the boundary of the bounding box of page, since the page will then be slightly too small. While perhaps just mildly irritating when the page is the end media, but when the output is included as a picture in a bigger document, the cropped glyphs become really disturbing.
The solution to this is to define a bleed box which is larger than the bounding box. The bounding box will be used for layout as usual, but the bleed box is used when determining the crop box for the page. To keep things simple, the size of the bleed box is controlled using this dynamic variable alone, which specifies how much the bleed box extends outside the bounding box in the x and y directions.
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